A downloadable tool for Windows

SLK_img2pixel is a tool for converting images to pixel art. It's not meant to replace an artist but rather assist in the creation of pixel art.

This project is free Software. You can find the source code on Github!


SLK_img2pixel needs a palette to convert images. Any palette in the .pal (and .png, .hex and .gpl) format should be supported. I have included a few palettes in the download, but you will probably need more variety.  There is a great collection of palettes on lospec.com


SLK_img2pixel works best for textures and images, sprites however will most likely need some cleanup.

You can find an updated manual for SLK_img2pixel in its repository.

Something missing?

If you want to see a feature added to SLK_img2pixel, feel free to request it, I will most likely add it (If I have the time)!

Commercial usage?

In case you are wondering whether you can use the generated images for your projects:

I do not take any ownership in any of the generated images, you can freely use, distribute and even sell them!

Discord Server

SLK_img2pixel has a Discord server! You can suggest features, report problems or just talk there.

Link: https://discord.gg/Nch8hjdZ2V


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AuthorLukas Holzbeierlein
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SLK_img2pixel - win32 1 MB
Version 1.4 Sep 17, 2022

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Any macOS support in the future?

this really is the best pixeling tool ive seen!



It would be interesting for you to create a system to apply this effect to sequential images at the same time, so that these images could later be converted into video in any other editing software to generate a video.

Do you mean like a batch convert of all files in a dir perchance? Img2pixel can already do this.

Load a preset or tweak any image to your liking then choose your input dir with images you want to convert to those settings. Setting your output-dir will automatically apply those settings and save them to the output-dir.

@Laerte Junior - adding on to @xaGe, you could probably find a tool to split a video into multiple images. Or convert the video to gif, and then split using Python or any other tool.


Fantastic Tool!


can we get a linux version too? 

There is already, but you need to build it yourself. It is pretty easy though since, Linux. ^_^


Holy fuck this cut asset development time by a ton when I decided to make my game's art style highly processed and pixelated photographs

Pretty awesome work bro!


This is an amazing tool. I would love to see how it works for animations. Would it at all be possible to add more video file format support, such as MP4 or AVI?

you can make a image sequence, put into the tool and put all the images in a video editor


nice tool


I was surprised to see you posted SLK_img2pixel to GitHub now also. ;-)


i've been using this tool for half a year now and its amazing.
The only things i feel like it should have are
- A HUE like slider to change colors accordingly to the palette
- And a tile view or maybe even a editor


This is just awesome. Thank you!

One request: It's great if this tool can convert image(s) via command line.


This tool is art. I used it for a game, thank you for sharing it.


Hi ! this is an awesome tool, thanks for sharing ! 

A quick question : is there a way to export the image in a way as it is presented on the preview ? Like the exported image is 256x256 max I think. 

Thanks again ! :)


Thanks, I’m glad the tool is useful.

I don’t think I properly understood your question though. I’ll try answering it anyways:

If you are talking about the before/after animations, these are videos I created and rendered as GIFs. I can add the ability to export images as such animations to SLK_img2pixel if needed.

If you are talking about exporting upscaled versions of the output images, that’s currently not possible, but I can add that.

If you are talking about creating images larger than 256x256, that’s possible by selecting the relative tab in the general section. By using this, the image gets divided by the factor specified.

If I completely missed the meaning of your question, please try to rephrase it. I’m trying to provide the best user experience possible and good feedback is the basis for that. :)


Hi ! 

Thank you for your reply. Indeed, using the relative tab is an option but I was indeed asking about exporting an upscaled version of the output image (I hope I'm using the right words !). Because when I export with relative, it does not keep this "pyxel art" thing but larger than 256x256.

And what you've suggested could be interesting by making GIF ! 

Concerning the UI/UX, I feel like a "help" button into the software could be an option, but else I guess that's good :) 

Have a good day !


Thanks for clarifying, I will certainly implement this in the next version! I don’t know when it will be ready though.

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WOW! This is simple and NICE! I wished it had a native Linux build (I failed building on Arch or Manjaro Linux), BUT I can tell you 1st hand it runs in a basic WINE prefix fairly easily, and no issues that I find so far.

I love that it is open-source with code publicly available.

Thank you!

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Thanks! I'm actually on Linux myself, I just haven't figured out how to properly distribute Linux binaries (I build with a cross compiler and test with Wine). 

Your build might be failing because the makefile expects SoftLK-lib to be installed globally. Feel free to open an issue in the repository if you can't figure it out! 


I do appreciate that! I did register on codeberg as soon as found this project here. You may be right. Although I did build SoftLK-lib, install the SLK/header files globally into my system ( /usr/include/SLK/ ), building SLK_img2pixel does fail after some compiling, pointing to a ‘entry.suffix’ possibly being used uninitialized in this function ‘gd_get_frame’ from ‘external/gifdec.c’. I must have missed something.

I’ll continue this in an issue in the repository.


this was fantastic, so easy ! excellent

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recon you should add this for mac


Such an amazing tool!

Здравствуйте, отличный инструмент, но он не работает, если путь или имя файла имеют кириллические символы.

Hello, a great tool, but it doesn't work if the path or file name has Cyrillic characters.

Thanks for the heads up, will be fixed in the next update which should be ready tomorrow