A pseudo 3d racer made for the 32-bit Spring Cleaning jam! Since this is a jam entry, don't expect a particularly polished game.

I only managed to make one track, Dream-Land, for this jam, there is a track select menu, but it doesn't do anything.

About the web version

There is a web build, but it has multiple issues. First of all, there is an annoying audio delay of about a second. Additional the game pad support is pretty inconsistent, on some browsers it doesn't work at all, on others the key map is messed up. So please use the download version if possible.


  • Arrow key/ WASD  (left and right --> steering, up --> accelerate, down --> decelerate), Enter (confirm), Escape (Pause)
  • Gamepad (only in download version)


Since this is still a very early prototype and the game direction might change later, I have disabled ratings for now.

Source code

This game is free software, you can find the source code on codeberg!

Assets used


Sideview Fantasy Patreon CollectionCC0ansimuz
Gothicvania Patreon's CollectionCC0ansimuz
GothicVania Cemetery PackCC0ansimuz
Generic Platformer TilesCC0surt
Car KitCC0Kenney
New original Grafx2 font collectionCC0devurandom
2.5D Racing ResourcesCC0drummyfish


Sci-Fi SoundsCC0Kenney
Impact SoundsCC0Kenney
Arcade CountdownCC0NXRT
Power Up Charge [Remix of LegoLunatic's Charged laser 151243]CC0qubodup
At the end of hopeCC0Emma_MA
RailJet / Long Seamless LoopCC BY 3.0Deceased Superior Technician


What the road brings - Windows 8 MB
Version 1 Apr 10, 2021


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The previous of this game actually made me sad :P
Because my first idea for a game was something similar to this, then I saw this submission and thought to myself... "no way can I top that".

Good game!

This is one of my favorite games I've found on itch.  Such a simple concept absolutely smashed out of the park.  Beautiful art, music is catchy, and the color palette is incredible! Can't wait to see if there are more tracks in the future.

A small issue that I've found while playing it in browser and through the download is that there are a few times where I pass one of the "enemy" cars, and it doesn't change my position #.   Other than that I think this game is brilliant.

Hiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game is quite good.

-The visual style is pretty amazing, enjoyable and fits perfectly the theme of the game.

-The gameplay mechanics are very straight forward and fun.

-I had an issue with the sound of the game, after a few laps it gets glitched really hard.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Smooth and atmospheric! I like the surreal design. It makes me feel like I am driving around in a dream~

I enjoyed this game, very atmospheric and engaging!

Congratulations nice game... I invite you to visit my Channel 


A soon